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Es capaz de transformarse en cualquier personaje popular

Es capaz de transformarse en cualquier personaje popular. Jonathan Stryker es un cosplayer muy conocido. El cosplay es una práctica que consiste en disfrazarse de personajes famosos de series o películas, también de dibujos animados.

El chico lleva diez años haciéndose sus propios disfraces y cada vez le sale mejor. Él fabrica sus cosplays desde cero: ropa y maquillaje. Además, adopta las poses de los personajes que imita para parecerse más a ellos. También tiene una cuenta de Instagram donde cuenta con más de 150.000 de seguidores.

Es capaz de transformarse en cualquier personaje popular, Jonathan Stryker

En su Instagram podemos descubrir unos de los personajes más populares que él sabe imitar a la perfección. Entre los personajes que Jonathan imita son El Sombrero Loco de ‘Alicia en el país de las maravillas», Eustace de Agallas, »El perro cobarde», »Calamardo de »Bob Esponja», Capitán Jack Sparrow de ‘Piratas del Caribe» y otros.

A continuación puedes ver el cosplayer Jonathan Stryker y sus imitaciones que publica en su cuenta de Instagram:

10 DAYS OF DEPP CONCLUDES! 🎭 Last but not least, one of the most iconic pirates that ever was: JACK SPARROW! 🖤 I’m a huge One Piece fan so Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely amazing to watch. Plus, who doesn’t love Jack? The hardest part about this costume was the wig. It’s actually 3 different wigs sewn together. I hand made all the dreads and beaded, attached and braded everything on it. So much time on it but I loved how it came out! The rest of the costume was made by me as well! Definitely plan on wearing it out somewhere~ 😊 Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoyed this theme. I’m a huge fan of Depp characters so it was truly an honor ❤️ More themes coming soon! Thanks guys for the support. If you guys would like to support it even more, consider becoming a Patreon. Link in bio 😁 #jstryker #10daysofdepp #jacksparrow #disney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #waltdisney #cosplay #cosplayer #disneycosplay #makeup #sfxmakeup #johnnydepp #depp

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Nickelodeon Week continues! 🔶 Next up, my favorite snarky boy in Bikini Bottom. From Spongebob Squarepants: SQUIDWARD! 🦑 Yes, I tucked my dick between my legs. No, I don’t have a vagina. Yes, I shaved for this. Yes, this is some puteria, weird shit 😂 Had to do Squidward, he’s my favorite asshole and Spongebob Squarepants is obviously an amazing show. Hope I didn’t mentally handicap any of you… although Squidward would probably want that 😈 Anyway, no need to fight on my DMs for that squid vagina. Plenty of calamari smellin’ punani for everyone 😂 Hopefully this doesn’t «offend» anyone and if it does, don’t really care 🤷🏻‍♂️ Final Nickelodeon character will be up tomorrow! Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #nickelodeon #nicksplat #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #spongebob #spongebobsquarepants #makeup #weird #squid #squidward

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Adult Cartoons Week continues! 🚫 Next up, a weirdo lobster thing that’s also a doctor. From Futurama: Zoidberg! 🦀 There’s no lobster emoji 😑 Futurama always felt like Family Guy’s less funny little brother. I kind of watched it to pass the time but still entertaining none the less. This was an interesting makeup to do 🤓 When I was finished putting everything on, I realized my camera had no battery so I had to put it to charge and wait about twenty minutes. Then when I put the battery in the camera, I realized it wasn’t the battery, I had forgotten to put the memory card in, which I spent like 10 minutes looking for. Imagine cranky Zoidberg doing all this for half an hour 😂 Anyway, will be taking a little break til Sunday! Have a great weekend guys. Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #zoidberg #futurama #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #adultcartoons #drzoidberg #bringinthedancinglobsters

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Cartoon Network Week concludes! ⚪️⚫️ Closing it off with a character from one of my favorite cartoons ever, from Courage the Cowardly Dog: EUSTACE! 👨🏻‍🌾 STUPID DOG! Courage the Cowardly Dog is so fucking amazing on so many levels. The Edgar Allan Poe of cartoons. Masterpiece. 👌🏼 Anyway, kept this week short because I need to start working on two big themes I have coming up in October. Also will be getting a HUGE feature so I want to give them a preview of what’s coming. Again, I say this every week and will continue saying it: I’M BEYOND GRATEFUL for the immense amount of love lately. Thank you for supporting my work. I read every comment, message, everything. I may not reply to them all but I appreciate every single one. Seriously, THANK YOU! ❤️ P.S. Teen Titans will be included in a future DC Comics week~ Lots of love! 😊 #jstryker #cartoon #cartoonnetwork #eustace #couragethecowardlydog #gaymer #cartoons #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #cosplayers #cncostume2017

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